Academic Access & Disabilities Resources

Davidson College is committed to ensuring that no otherwise qualified individual with a disability is excluded from admission to, participation in, subjected to discrimination in connection with, or denied the benefits of any college programs or activities due to his or her disability.

A student with a disability has the right to request academic and non-academic accommodations ensuring equal access to courses, course content, programs, services and facilities. Students are not required to disclose their disability status; however, if they are seeking accommodations relative to their disability, they are responsible for making a written request to the Office of Academic Access and Disability Resources and providing the appropriate current documentation.

The college seeks to accommodate those needs that are determined to be reasonable and that do not compromise the integrity of a program or curriculum so that the student may, as independently as possible, meet the demands of college. A student has the responsibility to meet qualifications and maintain essential Davidson College standards for courses, programs, services, jobs, activities, conduct and facilities.

Having a disability does not automatically qualify a student to receive accommodations. The college must review current diagnostic information submitted by the student to verify that the student has a disability that requires accommodations under the law and then determine the specific accommodations the student is authorized to use.

Services are provided on an individual basis based on diagnosis, current diagnostic information, and functional limitations. The college seeks to accommodate students in a manner that is determined to be reasonable and that does not compromise the integrity of the curriculum. Some services available to students who qualify include:

  • Referral to available campus resources
  • Assistance with procuring alternate texts and accessible materials
  • Individual assistance with developing study
  • Note-taking
  • Reading and other academic strategies
  • Time management coaching
  • Note takers
  • Interpreters
  • Supportive counseling

For more information regarding students with disabilities, or if you are a student with a disability and would like to request accommodations, please contact:

Nance Longworth
Academic Access and Disability Resources Coordinator
Academic Access and Disability Resources
Center for Teaching and Learning