• Sponsored by Davidson, the Athienou Archaeological Project trains students in field methods and techniques and introduces them to the rich history and culture of Cyprus.


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Archaeology Interdisciplinary Minor

Archaeologists study the human past—the recent past as well as the remote past—through material remains and many disciplines contribute to archaeological research.

The archaeology interdisciplinary minor at Davidson includes professors from and courses in: anthropology, chemistry, classics, and environmental studies. We study:

  • Human biology and ecology
  • Chemistry of art and artifacts
  • Ancient health and foodways
  • Geology and political organization
  • Ritual and religion
  • Production and exchange
  • Art and ideology

Archaeology has its own history, its own changing methodologies, and its own ethical issues, including who owns the archaeological record and who should interpret it.

Additional information on the archaeology interdisciplinary minor is available in the College Catalog.