Liss LaFleur


M.F.A. Emerson College
B.F.A. University of North Texas
B.A. University of North Texas


As a storyteller + media artist, my work investigates personal identities and relationships. I am particularly drawn to socio-cultural issues of gender + sexuality, loss, and historic parallelism through a hybrid approach to media making. This practice includes: linear films, installation, web based, interactive and transmedia experiences. I am particularly interested in how our past(s) are inextricably linked to the present, and I create projects that challenge the interaction and participation of subject: viewer: and maker.

I find that each project presents a set of unique challenges that allow me to break with conventional devices and constantly push to tell stories in new, innovative ways. In the past I've used video as poetic and performative tools for exploring the human condition, incorporating subjects as close as my small town and as far away as Iceland. Ultimately, my work reflects how we come to realize, define, and eventually share who we are with others. By examining the ways that people construct, inhabit, and enjoy spaces, objects, and relationships, I am exploring a larger theme of how we each carefully define our existence in the world. 

My work has been featured in solo exhibits and juried shows, film festivals, and on the web including: the Boston LGBT Film Festival; the Reykjavik International Film Festival; Makeshift Boston; and online with POV Digital. As a researcher, my focus has centered on transmedia activism in LGBT + Queer grassroots initiatives. These findings are published as part of a Ford Foundation funded initiative called OUT FOR CHANGE with the MIT Media Lab.

At Davidson I teach digital foundations, documentary filmmaking, and interactive new media. In my classes, students are encouraged to mix media, taking clues from a rich tradition of avant-garde experiments and current trends in digital art. It is my goal as an educator to establish a collaborative learning environment, wherein all participants take turns sharing their expertise and discoveries in a laboratory of emerging technologies. Through readings, practice, and critiques students demonstrate conceptual sophistication with regard to the creation of digital art​works that reflect on the world around them.