Darren Douglas Floyd


M.F.A. Temple University
B.A. College of Wooster


I am an artist and I teach the digital art and filmmaking classes at Davidson.

I use 16mm film, digital video, and computer animation to make very weird films. My ambition is to melt your eyes and burn your heart at the same time. I believe that most people have had their imaginations damaged by Walt Disney and Hollywood, making it nearly impossible for us to think outside of these conventions. My best students learn to think visually and digitally, and find themselves making movies that they have never seen before, and couldn't have imagined.

I went to a small undergraduate liberal arts college and took a degree in Women's Studies. It seemed like a strange choice to my parents, but it was the most exciting major offered at The College of Wooster, being the only fully interdisciplinary program. I studied feminist politics, dead German filmmakers, and tropical biology while writing experimental essays, printing collaborative zines and shooting in-camera animations. Therefore I have a great belief in the liberal arts as an educational experience, even for creative minds and young artists. The intellectual rigor of the Davidson College education will make you a more engaged, thoughtful and humane artist than you'll be if you go to art school.

The depth and breadth of my creative and intellectual curiosities won me a place in film school, where I translated my interests into video letters and experimental films. Since then, I have worked for Martha Stewart and J.Crew, attended several fancypants artist residencies including Yaddo and the Millay Colony, and had my films played in New York art galleries and in film festivals around the world.  Come join us at Davidson College and we will plumb the depths of your imagination, fuel your personal ambitions, blow your mind, and make very weird movies together!