Mark Stanback


Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley
B.S. Davidson College


Bio 112: Organisms, Evolution, and Ecosystems (PDF)
Bio 222: Vertebrate Zoology (PDF)
Bio 323: Animal Behavior (PDF
Bio 342: Evolutionary Biology
Bio 352: California Natural History (PDF)


  • Cooperative breeding in Brown-headed Nuthatches
  • Nest site competition between Eastern Bluebirds & Brown-headed Nuthatches
  • Nest site competition between Carolina Chickadees & Brown-headed Nuthatches
  • Effects of blowfly parasitism on Carolina Chickadee nestlings
  • Costs of reproduction in Eastern Bluebirds
  • Costs of reproduction in Tree Swallows
  • Winter roosting in Eastern Screech-owls
  • Nest size variation in Eastern Bluebirds
  • Nest vulnerability & nest architecture in House Wrens
  • Nest vulnerability & parental behavior in Eastern Bluebirds
  • Nest site competition among cavity nesters in Namibia