Grant Travel Awards

The Biology Department is now accepting applications for the David C. Grant Travel Awards. The grant awards provide funding  of up to $500 for students to offset the costs of travel to present research at regional or national scientific meetings. This round of the competition applies to travel during spring semester or summer. Applicants must be Davidson students who are authors on the presentation (preferably first author). All types of biological research are acceptable, though special consideration will be given to field ecology. The committee expects all applicants to apply for the travel grants available from the Vice President for Academic Affairs' office. Your research adviser can provide details. Applications should be submitted to Prof. Mark Stanback at no later than 5 p.m. on Nov. 1 for fall submissions, and April 1 for spring submissions.

Applications should include the following:

  • Cover letter that states the title of the research, details the need (dates, place, and name of conference and/or name of journal and acceptance date of manuscript, list of authors, etc.). This cover letter should also include a short paragraph that outlines the main results and their significance.
  • A more detailed presentation of the work in the form of an extended abstract (approximately one page) that includes an outline of the methods (including statistical treatments), the main results, and an explanation of their significance.
  • Detailed budget and explanation of any other funding sources that will be used. If the grant is be used for publication costs, a copy of the accepted manuscript should be submitted.