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Chemistry Minor

The chemistry minor is ideal for students who are pursuing a major in another field but also have a strong interest in the field of chemistry. To graduate with a chemistry minor, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Completion of Chemistry 115 + any five courses at the 200-level or higher,
    • At least five courses counted toward the minor must be taken at Davidson
    • None of the six courses can be taken Pass/Fail
  • Attendance at six or more chemistry colloquia during junior and senior years

The chemistry minor is a typical choice of pre-med students and biology majors as both require enough chemistry courses to make a minor an easy leap:

  • Pre-medical students are required to take at least four chemistry courses (115, 230, 250, and 220 or 240), leaving only two more in-depth courses necessary to achieve a minor
  • Biology majors, especially those interested in genetics and molecular biology, take several chemistry courses. With just a few more courses (a total of six are required), a chemistry minor can be earned as well