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Thesis Resources

There are many resources available to center majors conducting their thesis work:

Extended Loan Privileges and Carrels - Little Library 

CIS Seniors can request extended loan at check-out. Books on extended loan are subject to recall. Any books needed for the spring must be renewed before the end of the fall semester. Carrels and lockers are available by application through the library using their online application form that the library activates. Request by spring semester of your junior year.

Use of the Carolina Inn
Center Majors can get keys to the Inn for after-hours studying. A $20 refundable deposit is required to receive a key. See the CIS administrative assistant.

Funding for Senior Thesis

Up to $150 of funding is available. Request reimbursement as soon as possible, but no later than April 1. Relevant expenses include: lab equipment, supplies, photocopying or conference expenses. Books are generally not covered. Provided only upon written approval of the director; submit your request, with appropriate receipts, to the CIS administrative assistant.

Additional Funding Opportunities
Additional assistance is available for presenting at conferences through Academic Affairs.

Meeting with Other CIS Majors

This is your year at Center Lunches. Use it to your best advantage. You can feature your work, pose all the questions you want to pose, and share with your fellow center majors.