Course Planning

Tentative 2015-16 Courses

Please note that this tentative schedule is subject to change.
Also note:

  • Prof. Cheshire will be on leave for the 2015-16 academic year.
  • Prof. Toumazou will be on leave in the spring of 2016.

Fall 2015

CLA 111 The Ancient World (Krentz)
CLA 3xx Aristophanes in Athens (Krentz)
CLA 242 Roman Art and Architecture (Toumazou)
GRE 101 Elementary Greek I (Neumann)
GRE 201 Intermediate Greek (Toumazou)
GRE 214/314 Greek Tragedy: Euripides (Toumazou)
LAT 101 Elementary Latin I (Neumann)
LAT 201 Intermediate Latin (2 sections) (Totten)
LAT 211/311 Roman Epic: Ovid (Totten)

Spring 2016

CLA 222 Roman Literature in Translation (Totten)
CLA 3xx Course in arachaeology (topic TBD) (Totten)
CLA 435 Seminar: Alexander the Great (Krentz)
GRE 102 Elementary Greek II (Neumann)
GRE 218/318 New Testament Greek (Krentz)
LAT 102 Elementary Latin II (Neumann)
LAT 234/334 Latin Philosophical Poetry: Horace (Neumann)