Kathleen J. Turner


Ph.D. Purdue University
M.A. Purdue University
B.A. University of Kansas

Research Interests and Background

My teaching specialties include critical analysis of media, history of mass communication, visual communication and gender, persuasion, political communication, advertising, mass communication law, and political communication. As a rhetorical analyst, I study communication as a process of social influence, particularly in the areas of media, politics, popular culture, and women's issues.

I am the author of Lyndon Johnson's Dual War: Vietnam and the Press, the first book in the field of communication to be published by the University of Chicago Press and the editor of Doing Rhetorical History: Concepts and Cases, published by the University of Alabama Press. My other publications include a monograph on Mass Media and Popular Culture; chapters on Miami Vice and sixties protest music; and articles on the future of rhetorical studies, presidential libraries, Time's coverage of religion, social movements' efforts to influence news coverage, comic strips, and the history of product placement. An ongoing project is a book-length study of the images of women in comic strips.


COM 101 Principles of Oral Communication
COM 201 Introduction to Communication Studies
COM 495 Communication Theory and Research