Communication Studies Interdisciplinary Minor

In the Communication Studies interdisciplinary minor, you'll examine the ways people create meanings through messages. It is through communication that we establish, change, and maintain societies, as well as our own roles within them.

You need to take six courses for the Communication Studies interdisciplinary minor. If you decide to pursue the interdisciplinary minor, you should enroll in COM 201: Introduction to Communication Studies as soon as possible; COM 101 is not a prerequisite.

Interdisciplinary Minor Requirements

  • No more than two courses in the interdisciplinary minor may also be in your major
  • You may only transfer one course from another institution
  • You may only include one independent study in the interdisciplinary minor
  • You may not take any course pass/fail that will be applied to the interdisciplinary minor
  • You must earn a grade of "C" or higher in all courses applied towards the interdisciplinary minor

Required Courses

You must take all three of these courses.

  • COM 101 Principles of Oral Communication
  • COM 201 Introduction to Communication Studies (Should be taken by the end of your junior year)
  • COM 495 Communication Theory and Research (Ordinarily taken senior year)

Course Tracks

You need to take three courses in one of the following tracks: interpersonal/intercultural communication, public communication/rhetoric, or mass communication. The courses must be from at least two different departments. At least two of the courses should be completed before enrolling in COM 495. The list of electives in each track is as complete as possible, but not exhaustive.

Given the changing nature of course offerings, you should check with the faculty liaison, Prof. J. Michael Hogan at, for the most recent list of electives for the Communication Studies interdisciplinary minor when planning a program of study. If you have a question about when a particular elective will be offered next, please consult the department offering that course.

For a complete list of interndisciplinary minor requirements and course track electives, visit the College Catalog.