Economics Courses

General Course Listings

Sub CRSE Title
ECO 101 Introductory Economics
ECO 105 Stats & Basic Econometrics
ECO 114 Introduction to Finance
ECO 122 Intro to Health Economics
ECO 180 Indian Economic Development
ECO 181 Special Topics
ECO 195 Independent Study
ECO 202 Intermed Microeconomic Theory
ECO 203 Intermed Macroeconomic Theory
ECO 205 Econometrics
ECO 211 Introduction to Accounting
ECO 212 Intermediate Accounting
ECO 213 Cost Accounting
ECO 219 Game Theory/Strategic Behavior
ECO 220 Econ Analysis Access to Health
ECO 221 Economic History of the US
ECO 223 Law and Economics
ECO 224S Labor Economics
ECO 225 Public Sector Economics
ECO 226 Environ & Nat Resour Economics
ECO 228 Financial Economics
ECO 229 Urban Economics
ECO 231S History of Economic Thought
ECO 232S Economics of Migration
ECO 234 Latin American Economic Dev
ECO 235 Eco South Asian Env Issues
ECO 295 Individual Research
ECO 316 Computational Economics
ECO 320 Psychology & Economics
ECO 321 Research Sem: Public Choice
ECO 322S Health Economics
ECO 323 Industrial Organization
ECO 324 Labor Economics
ECO 325 Public Sector Economics
ECO 328S Money & the Financial System
ECO 329 Sports Economics
ECO 333S Policial Econ & Econ Developm
ECO 337 International Trade
ECO 338 International Finance
ECO 339S Econ of Multinational Firms
ECO 380 Seminar
ECO 381 Seminar
ECO 382 Seminar
ECO 383 Seminar
ECO 384 Seminar
ECO 395 Individual Research
ECO 396 Individual Research
ECO 401 Honors Thesis Research
ECO 402 Honors Thesis
ECO 495 Senior Session