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Randy Nelson


Ph.D., M.A. Princeton University
M.A., B.A. North Carolina State University


I'm an Americanist with a special interest in fiction. Although my course offerings cover the full range of American literature, my classes are most often concerned with the literary history of the 19th- and 20th-centuries. I publish short prose fiction and I have other research interests in critical legal studies.


  • ENG 204 Introduction to Writing Fiction
  • ENG 280 American Literature to 2000
  • ENG 487 Legal Fictions
  • ENG 220 Literary Analysis
  • English Composition I: The Art of Prose
  • American Literature to 1900
  • ENG 280 American Literature through the 20th Century
  • ENG 283 Short Prose Fiction
  • ENG 381 American Fiction: 19th Century
  • ENG 386 American Fiction: 20th Century
  • ENG 380 Studies in American Literature
  • Seminars in modernism, in individual authors, and in legal fictions
  • Metafiction and Intertextuality
  • The Fantastic Voyage