Henry Buckley


Ph.D., M.A. University of Michigan
B.A. Tufts University


My involvement with Davidson began in 1982 when I was invited to introduce to the campus the Assistant Teacher (AT) program, which has over the years been implemented to varying degrees by almost all departments of foreign language. Subsequently, I served as resident director for the college's study abroad program in France (something I have done three other times), and, starting in 1995, I have had the good fortune to teach a variety of courses both in French and the college writing program. 

While my original interests lay in theater, what I find attractive about teaching at Davidson is the chance to engage students at all levels, from elementary language study to the completion of a senior major thesis. Often I have had the opportunity to encounter first-year students who reappear in my intermediate courses and then find themselves with me in Paris and Tours, return to campus to serve as one of my ATs, major or minor in French, become actors and directors in my theater classes, and end up challenging me with their senior capstone experience.

A word of caution, though, if you and I meet at one of those stages: don't get me started talking about the movies.  And whatever you do, do not ask me about my haunted house.


FRE 101 Elementary French I
FRE 102 Elementary French II
FRE 201 Intermediate French Through Cinema
FRE 330 French Drama
FRE 339 L'Aventure Théatrale