Homer Sutton


Ph.D., M.A. Indiana University
B.A. Davidson College


I teach courses in French language, literature, and civilization. After Davidson, I studied and taught abroad in both France and Switzerland, and returned in 1980 to teach at my alma mater. 

My research interests are eclectic. I've published articles on French university reform; on changes in the FM band in France in the early 1980s when Mitterrand liberalized the airwaves; on the "harkis," the Algerians who found themselves on the side of the French during the Algerian struggle for independence; and on Jean Moulin, who federated the various resistance movements in France during World War II.

I've been heavily involved with our study abroad programs most of my career, including several years as resident director of Davidson College's program in France, which is located in Tours in the Loire Valley. I was coordinator of Study Abroad from 1983 to 1994.

I was also interim dean of admission in 1991-1992 and the interim director of the Dean Rusk Program in International Studies in 2001-2002.


FRE 201 Intermediate French Through Cinema
FRE 260 Contemporary France
FRE 360 Where is France Heading?
FRE 369 Les Années noires: Vichy France in Novel, Cinema, and History