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French & Francophone Studies

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As a candidate for honors in French you must have (or expect to have) a 3.5 GPA in French courses and a 3.2 GPA overall by the end of your junior year.

In the spring of your junior year, you must submit to the chair of the department a one-page proposal, written in French, on a topic you have already researched. The proposal includes a working title and a preliminary bibliography with primary and secondary sources.

At the same time you must submit an original writing sample on a topic that will be provided by the chair of the department (maximum: two pages in French; time limit: two hours).

Once you have been approved for honors, you start working on your honors thesis in consultation with your adviser in the fall of your senior year.  If you change thesis topics during the fall of your senior year, you must write a regular thesis rather than an honors thesis.

Roughly one third of your project must be completed by the end of the fall semester.

In the fall semester of your senior year, you take FRE 490 Senior Seminar with other French and Francophone Studies majors, in which you must receive at least a B+. In the spring semester of your senior year you must register for FRE 499, complete your Honors thesis, and submit it to your committee (adviser + two readers) by the April deadline. After necessary revisions, you will have an oral defense in French before your departmental thesis committee in early May. Director and readers vote on whether honors shall be awarded.