Harlan Weaver


Ph.D. University of California, Santa Cruz
B.A. Wesleyan University


My research and teaching are focused in Queer Studies, Trans* and Transgender Studies, Science & Technology Studies, Affect Theories, Critical Race Theories, and Animal Studies. My first book project, Trans*Formative Affects, examines the role of feelings, or affects, in shaping the bodily movements of transitions. By thinking with affect, I articulate a richer way to understand not only trans* experiences, but also the experiences of knowledges' "others," contributing to conversations in women's and gender studies about the connections among knowledge production, anti-racist and anti-colonial practices, and feminist methodologies. A knowledge politics based in this type of understanding, I argue, has the potential to not only contribute to but also change contemporary social movements.

My second book project, Bad Dog, comes out of research conducted during my NSF postdoctoral fellowship; in it I examine how relationships between humans and animals not only reflect but also make possible particular formations of race, class, sexuality, nation, breed, and species. Throughout the manuscript, I examine what I term the "interspecies intersectionalities" involved in dangerous dog discourses. For example, the common assertion that the methods used by pit bull advocate and dog trainer Cesar Millan, Animal Planet's "Dog Whisperer," are not only unscientific but also overly "macho" reveals how debates about both dog training and the moral category of dangerous dogs shape and are shaped by race, gender, class, and sexuality. Analyzing these interspecies intersections helps me develop both a broader interspecies politics and concrete policy recommendations.


I teach courses in Queer Theories, Trans* and Transgender Studies, Animal Studies, Science & Technology Studies, Critical Race Theories, and Writing and Rhetoric. These courses include:

  • GSS 101 Intro to Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • GSS 220 Querying Queer Theories
  • GSS 330 Sciences of Sex
  • WRI 101 Interspecies Intersections: Writing with Animals
  • Trans* Studies, Trans Politics
  • Feeling Queerly: LGBTQ Studies and the Politics of Emotion
  • Critical Science Studies: Race, Gender, Nation, and Science Multiple