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Course Fulfillment

This two-semester course is open only to first-year students and will meet three times a week for 75 minutes (Tuesday and Thursday early mornings, and again Thursday late afternoons); the additional meeting time will yield additional course credit. The course also meets extra periods. Completing both HUM 103 and 104 will earn a student three course credits, with some caveats. Successful completion of HUM 103 will bring with it two course credits, although students who withdraw from the HUM 103/104 survey after completing only HUM 103 will receive only one course credit and will satisfy no graduation requirements.

Students who complete HUM 104 will receive one course credit and satisfy these three graduation requirements: the WRI 101 requirement and two Ways of Knowing requirements, one in historical thought and one in literary studies, creative writing, and rhetoric. Because the two semesters together constitute a single course, a grade of incomplete (I) will be given after the first semester, although students will receive notification from their instructors about their performance throughout and at the end of both semesters.