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Computer Science Minor

The minor in computer science is offered through the Mathematics and Computer Science Department. Computer science is an active field of study at Davidson. Several of our students have entered distinguished graduate programs in computer science at Stanford, Duke, and Washington University in St. Louis, after earning their undergraduate degree. Both faculty and students have won national and international recognition for software development within physics and bioinformatics.


As a computer science student, you have three paths open to you — one leading toward advanced work in computer science, a second toward physics applications and a third toward biology applications. The minor in computer science consists of six courses:

  1. One of CSC 121, CSC 200 (PHY 200), or CSC 209 (BIO 209)
  2. CSC 221
  3. MAT 220
  4. Two of CSC 315 (MAT 315), CSC 321, CSC 322, CSC 324, CSC 361, CSC 370, or PHY 310
  5. One additional elective from those listed on line 4, or an approved independent study or seminar at the 300 or 400-level.

Additionally, courses taken Pass/Fail at Davidson College may not count towards the minor. A grade of C or higher is required in all courses applied toward the minor. 

Graduate School

Students considering graduate school in computer science should include MAT 150, 220, and 230 and CSC 315, 321, 322 and 324 in their coursework, and seek opportunities to engage in research and compete in programming contests.  The Graduate Record Examination should be taken during the fall semester of the senior year.

Computer Science Interdisciplinary Minor

Please note that the Computer Science Interdisciplinary Minor will no longer be in place after the 2015-2016 academic year as it is being replaced by the Computer Science Minor. For more information about the Computer Science Interdisciplinary Minor please visit the College Catalog.