Samer Al-Saber


Ph.D. University of Washington


I joined Davidson College as a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in the fall of 2013. As visiting assistant professor of theatre, I've begun my teaching here with a course on the cultural representations of the Israel/Palestine conflict. During my time here, I will also teach acting and directing courses. My teaching and scholarship focus on the intersection of cultural production and political conflict.

In my practice as a theatre maker, I have had the opportunity to direct, act, and design plays from the Western tradition of theatre. In recent years, I've had the opportunity to direct plays at Al-Rowwad Theatre in Bethlehem, Al-Kasaba Theatre in Ramallah, and Shabab.Net in Yemen. I led workshops at the PNT in Jerusalem and UNRWA's Gaza Camp in Jordan. In November of 2012, I participated as a creative artist in the 7arakat Project in partnership with Version 1.0 in Sydney, Australia. The 7arakat team continued its exploration/divising project in the summer of 2013.

As a cultural critic and historian, the areas of my scholarly interests include Middle Eastern culture, theatre, and performance, the modern history of East Jerusalem, Palestinian Theatre, Arab Theatre, and the performance culture in the Roman Middle East. As a theoretically conscious historian, I often draw on postcolonial studies, marxism, feminism, orientalism, nationalism, globalization scholarship, and exilic studies to illuminate historical and cultural events. During the ongoing whirlwind events in the Arab world, I have closely followed the events/scholarship of the Arab Spring and the performance of news in Arab Media.