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The Theatre Department is committed to producing work in the liberal arts tradition and all students, regardless of their majors, are encouraged to audition for our season shows. We create performance opportunities based on your audition and not on race, ethnicity, national origin, physical ability and/or sexual orientation.

Students may audition for one or both shows unless you are a theatre major. Theatre majors must follow department policy that states if s/he chooses to audition, s/he must audition for both shows.

If on the audition form you indicate that you would accept any role offered, you are agreeing to do just that. If cast, you are expected to fill the role for which you are assigned and assume all responsibilities a Davidson College actor must assume. A complete summary of actor expectations will be distributed during your first rehearsal.

Cast Lists

Thank you to all who auditioned. We have posted the final cast lists for Rumors and Melancholy Play.