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Current Board

The Alumni Board consists of decade representatives (one per thousand living alumni in each decade), a faculty representative, the senior class president, and the officers. The president, president-elect, vice presidents, vice presidents-elect and secretary comprise the officers or executive committee. All members of the board serve four-year terms, except for the senior class president who serves one year and the secretary who serves indefinitely while in the role of director of Alumni and Family Engagement.

The following alumni are serving on the 2017 Alumni Association Board:

Executive Committee

  • Ken Krieg '83, president (McLean, Va.)
  • Meredith Boone Tutterow '93, vice president (Edina, Minn.)
  • W. DeVane Tidwell '94, vice president (Atlanta, Ga.)
  • Dylan Glenn '91, president-elect (New York, N.Y.)
  • Dan Herd '70, vice president-elect (Austin, Texas)
  • Lee Ann Stackhouse Patterson '82, vice president-elect (Los Altos, Calif.)
  • Greg Murphy '85, immediate past president (Greenville, N.C.)
  • Olivia Ware '78, immediate past vice president (San Francisco, Calif.)
  • Noni Niels Nielsen '97, immediate past vice president (Nashville, Tenn.)
  • Marya Howell '91, director of alumni and family engagement and ex-officio secretary (Davidson, N.C.)

Decade Representatives


  • Pete Ashcraft '57 (Charlotte, N.C.) - Term ending in 2021


  • Ozzie Reynolds '66 (Salisbury, N.C.) Term ending in 2020


  • Stewart Boswell '78 (Charlotte, N.C.) - Term ending in 2020


  • Anne Blue Wills '88, faculty representative (Davidson, N.C.) - Term ending in 2019
  • Melissa Dilettuso Stewart '89 (New York City, N.Y.) - Term ending in 2018



  • Rich Torrence '08 (Lowell, Mass.) - Term ending in 2020
  • Deborah Tarwasokono '07 (Washington DC) - Term ending in 2021


  • Allison Drutchas '11 (Detroit, Mich.) - Term ending in 2019
  • Quentin Graham '11 (Charlotte, N.C.) - Term ending in 2019
  • Billy Hackenson '13  (San Francisco, Calif.) - Term ending in 2021
  • Houston Downes '18, senior class president (Little Rock, Ark.) - Term ending in 2018