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Though college administrative offices are closed today, evening events - including the sold-out lecture by David Brooks - are still on as planned.

College Administrative Offices Are Closed Today, Thursday, Jan. 18; Evening Events to Proceed As Planned.

Young Alumni Service Award

Our Young Alumni Service Award is presented annually in recognition of exceptional service to the college.

Nomination Process

Making a nomination is easy using our online form.

Award Recipients by Class Year

Year Awarded

Class of 1977
Susan F. McAvoy
Class of 1980
Ann Blackeney Clark
James P. Richards
Class of 1981
John A. Thomson, Jr.
Class of 1983
Mitzi Short 1993
Class of 1984
Lynne Folcher Blackman 1994
Jane Alexanian Sperling 1994
Class of 1985
Kathryn Carter Andrews 1995
R. Harding Erwin, Jr 1995
Class of 1989
Diana Titus-Allen Waller 1999
Class of 1998
Patricia Carole Perkins 2008
Class of 1999
Jefferson Matthew Case 2009
Class of 2001
Elizabeth Mann Brantley 2011
George Jason Hild 2011
Class of 2002
Susan Maureen (Molly) Shaw 2012
Class of 2003
Jarred Rudolph Cochran 2013
Class of 2004
Patrick Joseph "P.J." Martin, II 2014
Class of 2006
Merin Frank Guthrie 2016
Class of 2007
Carson Lewis Sanders 2012
Class of 2008
Elizabeth "Lizz" Amelia Clegg 2013
Class of 2009
Cary Vernon Wright 2014
Class of 2010
Rex Salisbury 2015
Class of 2012
Kate Ceremsak 2017