2015 Alumni Association Elections

Voting Deadline: July 31, 2015

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Alumni Association President

Vote for one. The two candidates not elected will serve as Association vice presidents.

For what offices am I voting?

You will be electing fellow alumni to serve as officers of the Alumni Association at Davidson College. The President of the Alumni Association serves as a member of the Board of Trustees as well. 

What does the Alumni Board do?

  • Advises the college about alumni engagement and activities like Reunion, Homecoming, or the Alumni Travel Program
  • Leads the Alumni Association in honoring the achievements of fellow alumni
  • Brings concerns of alumni to the administration and staff
  • Selects candidates to appear on the alumni ballot

Why does my vote matter?

It means that you're involved in the decisions that affect the life of the college and the experiences of both current students and fellow alumni. You join a collective voice helping to shape the future of Davidson.

Why should I care?

One of the most important factors determining the strength of a college is the vibrancy of its alumni body. A connected, involved alumni body is the greatest common denominator of colleges that attract the largest pools of qualified students and top the national rankings.