Chapter & Club Presidents

Each year, Alumni Relations and our volunteers in nearly 70 chapters and clubs coordinate more than 100 events nationwide. These gatherings allow you to connect with other alumni and stay informed about current happenings at Davidson. Cities with more than 500 alumni have chapters, while clubs are located in cities with fewer than 500 alumni. The number of events a chapter or club holds is directly proportional to its population of alumni.

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Chapter & Club Presidents

The success of this chapter programming is directly attributed to the creativity and energy of our outstanding alumni volunteers. Contact your chapter or club president to learn about how to get involved in your area.

Active ChapterPresident(s)Email
Asheville, N.C.Sheryl Aikman '
Atlanta, Ga.Jay & Wendy Warner Schmitt '90 & '
Atlanta, Ga. Young AlumniEmmaline Harvey '
Austin, TexasScott Yarborough '95
Anna Drake '08
Katie Tobin '96
Birmingham, Ala.Tim & Gretchen Morgan Frizzell '04 & ';
Boston, M.A.Brika Palmer Eklund '06
Michelle Levin '06

Buenos aires, ArgentinaJay Lanners '11

Catawba Valley, N.C.Jay Gaither '
Charleston, S.C.Carter & Kaky McGinness Grant, '01
George & Katie Coykendall Miars '01,,
Charlotte, N.C.Robbie Howell '
Charlotte, N.C. Young Alumni  Rex Salisbuty '10; Meg Currie ',
Chattanooga, Tenn.Bob Marshall '

Chicago, Ill. Young Alumni
Chicago, Ill. Chapter

Erica Cribbs '09; Elyse Yarnell '11
David Jemison '03, Sean Patrick '06,,

Cincinnati, OhioJohn Boggess '
Columbia, S.C.Kathryn Hilliard Stuart '90
Ken Childs '67
Columbus, OhioBen Skurek '
Dallas, TexasBruce Newsome '
Denver, Colo.Taylor McLemore '
Durham, N.C./Chapel Hill, N.C.Leslie Grinage '
Eastern N.C.Greg Murphy '
Greensboro, N.C.Elizabeth Brantley '01
Frankie Jones '05
Greenville, S.C.Terry and Christine Roberts Bruner '95 & '
Houston, TexasHarding & Paige Marsh Erwin ',
Huntsville, Ala.Dale & Julie Vanderpool Culpepper '
Jackson, Miss.David Blount '
Jacksonville, Fla.Amy Harris Wacaster '
Lexington, Ky.Will Gwaltney '
Little Rock, Ark.Elizabeth Sellars ‘
London, EnglandAlex Lazaridis '10
Miles Cox '00
Los Angeles, Calif.Kevin Zvargulis '
Louisville, Ky.Ellie Blackey Davis '
Miami, Fla.Patrick Montoya '
Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minn.Chris Sullivan ’
Nashville, Tenn.Heather Yopp Honeycutt '
New EnglandKristi Calhoun Belesca '
New Orleans, La.Blake Pool '
New York, N.Y.Maria Patterson '79;
Ainsley Natta '99
New York, N.Y. Young AlumniAbby Mead '
Norfolk, Va.Andy & Gigi Cooke Tysinger '90 & '
Northern New JerseyPaul Marciano '
Philadelphia, Pa.Carlo & Jean Boehmler Reynolds '
Philadelphia, Pa. Young AlumniGreg Schernecke '
Pittsburgh, Pa.Cabot Earle '
Portland, Ore.

Liz Brigham '04

Raleigh, N.C.Brian & Erica Thomas Meyers '98 & '
Richmond, Va.Gray Broughton '
Roanoke, Va.Robert Koch '
San Antonio, TexasBrooks Englehardt '
San Francisco, Calif.Jaime Massar '
Savannah, Ga.Nelle McCorckle Bordeaux '
Seattle, Wash.Claire Peterson '
Spartanburg, S.C.Cabe Loring '
St. Louis, Mo.Melissa Farrell Swank '
Tampa, Fla.Laura Ward '
Triangle (N.C.) Young Alumni

Adam Hart '05
Paul Wyatt '05

Washington, D.C.Hunter Monroe '
Washington, D.C. Young Alumni

Jaimie Matthews '07
Faheem Rathore '12
Whitney Suflas '12

Wilmington, N.C.Ed & Barbara Boyce Whitesides '83 & ',

Volunteer Opportunities

The following chapters do not currently have leadership:

Augusta, Ga.Lexington, N.C.
Boston, Mass.Lynchburg, Va.
Buffalo, N.Y.Montgomery, Ala.
Charleston, W.Va.Morgantown, W.Va.
Charlottesville, Va.Memphis, Tenn.
Concord, N.C.Myrtle Beach, S.C.
Columbus, Ga.Orlando, Fla.
Columbus, OhioPensacola, Fla.
Detroit, Mich.Salisbury, N.C.
Fayetteville, N.C.Scranton, Pa.
Florence, S.C.Shelby, N.C.
Gainesville, Fla.Statesville, N.C.
Gaston County, N.C.Tallahassee, Fla.
Kansas City, Mo.Tri-Cities, Tenn.
Knoxville, Tenn.Winston-Salem, N.C.