Gay-Straight Alumni Network

The Gay-Straight Alumni Network of Davidson (GSAND) serves as a source of support, advocacy, visibility, and programming for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) alumni population of Davidson. GSAND is an informal affinity network created to facilitate connections between LGBT alumni and the college. Find us on Facebook.

Our goals are:

  • Provide opportunities for interaction among LGBT alumni and allies, through electronic communication and on- and off-campus Davidson events
  • Increase the visibility of LGBT alumni
  • Facilitate connections between LGBT alumni and current students for mentoring and advocacy for campus diversity initiatives
  • Share information about opportunities for LGBT alumni to get involved in college volunteer opportunities, such as career networking or prospective student recruitment
  • Collaborate with constituents and partner organizations at Davidson


GSAND was formed following a gathering of alumni for a special interest weekend in April 2004. Approximately 60 alumni and friends of the college gathered for a lecture by William Eskridge '73, Yale law professor, legal scholar and television commentator on LGBT rights and same-sex marriage.

Following the high level of interest in this weekend, the Office of Alumni Relations sponsored a "Gay Life at Davidson" weekend in 2006. Approximately 40 guests attended a keynote speech by Anne Stanback '81, founding executive director of Love Makes a Family, the organization that led the fight to win marriage equality in Connecticut. The weekend included a meaningful roundtable discussion between current students and alumni, and the participants joined together to form the initial volunteer group for GSAND.

Since that time, GSAND receptions have been held during many major alumni programs, including all Homecoming and Reunion Weekends.


Career Resources
The Center for Career Development has compiled a list of resources where you can learn about LGBT rights in the workplace, gay-friendly job search organizations and websites, industry and geographic resources, and tips for assessing the inclusivity of employers.

Student Organizations
Explore our student organizations related to issues of gender and sexuality. GSAND partners most frequently with the Gay-Straight Alliance.

Multicultural Affairs
Multicultural Affairs fosters mutual respect and understanding among–and for all–people of different cultures, backgrounds, experiences and worldviews, and helps the college achieve its stated commitment to diversity.

LGBTQ Caucus
A group of faculty, staff, and students at the college have come together to create the LGBTQ Caucus, a group that advocates for and supports lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer persons at the college by attending to the issues, ideas, social history, and cultural practices that are of interest to them, and which matter to a diverse community. Contact Becca Taylor '06 for more information.

Get Involved

Email our Office of Alumni Relations or call 704-894-2919 if you would like to help host an LGBT-related chapter event in your city.

Want to help lead the network or share a program idea? Contact Becca Taylor '06 to join the email list or the informal advisory board.