Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates of the program?
June 3-August 16.  If you would like to start earlier that will be considered.

What are primary criteria for selection?
We are looking for innovative and dedicated founders with a new venture that is prepared for 10+ weeks of accelerated development. Competitive applicants will demonstrate likelihood of a viable market, have founder expertise relevant to the venture's success, and show potential for positive impact to customers, users, and/or the community.

How many ventures will be selected?
This year-our first year offering Venture Lab-we will accept two student ventures. In future years, we will expand the program to include more ventures.

What if my team includes people who are not affiliated with Davidson?
In order to be eligible to apply to the DC Venture Lab, at least one founder has to be a current Davidson student. The Davidson student founder has to be enrolled either at the time of the application or during summer session (therefore incoming freshman and graduating seniors are eligible to apply).

Can social ventures apply?
Yes, we highly encourage ventures from all industries and with all business models to apply. In fact, Queen City Forward, a non-profit organization designed to scale the impact of social entrepreneurs, is based inside Packard Place and will serve as a resource to social ventures in the DC Venture Lab.

What if I am a brand new venture?
Ventures at a variety of stages are encouraged to apply, from preparing to raise significant funds to only having a (well developed) idea.

Can I hold a job or internship during the program?
Other major commitments such as jobs or internships are highly discouraged. Participants must be able to commit full-time to developing their venture.

What if I have another commitment during the summer (family vacation, conference, etc.)?
If you have another short-term commitment, please indicate this in your application. If the commitment is long term (more than a week), this will affect your chances of being accepted into the DC Venture Lab.

Do I need to live in Charlotte? Does Davidson assist with housing?
It is in your best interest to live in Charlotte, since Packard Place is located in Charlotte. Some students may also consider living in Davidson, although this would require a daily commute in traffic. Davidson does not pay for your housing or assist in finding housing.

What happens after DC Venture Lab?
For the most part, that is up to you! We will have a final presentation or expo at the end of the summer for you to show off your hard work, but the extent to which you maintain relationships with mentors, Packard Place, and the Davidson alumni network is your decision.