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Writing Nonfiction Prose

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301A Advanced Nonfiction

Campbell, Miller

This workshop-driven course pursues the advanced study of nonfiction in a variety of genres in the arts and sciences (e.g. science/nature writing, the review, food writing, travel writing). In each genre studied, students read professional model essays, write an essay in the genre, and respond to one another's work. For the final independent project, students submit an article for publication.

(Not offered Fall 2015.)

301B Creative Nonfiction

In preparation for writing in a variety of nonfiction modes--including describing people and places, narrative, analysis, and memoir--students read notable essays as models. The class centers on writing workshops, in which students critique one another's drafts. At theend of the semester, each student proposes and crafts a final, longer essay.

(Offered Fall 2015.)


First-year students require permission of the instructor.