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British Romanticism

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362A British Romanticism


Topical study of the poetry and prose of the period ranging from the examination of Romantic gender ideology to studies of individual authors

Students entering 2012 and after: satisfies the Literary Studies, Creative Writing, and Rhetoric distribution requirement.
Students entering before 2012: satisfies the Literature distribution requirement.

(Not offered Fall 2015.)

362B Reimagining Blake


William Blake was a risk-taker and a rule-breaker. In his creative output, he sought to unshackle the ideological "mind-forg'd manacles" that stunted human thought. We will study Blake's seminal works and apply some risk-taking and rule-breaking of our own by digitally recreating a few of his illustrated plates. Just as Blake used text and image in his original plates, so will we, as we creatively and critically reimagine Blake's work and his message.

(Offered Spring 2016.)


First-year students require permission of the instructor.