Course Detail


Seminar: Creative Writing


"Sexy", in the course title refers to provocative, intriguing, inspiring, and/or compelling. It does not refer to pornography.
During the first three weeks of the course, each writer will read a novella and a novel. One of these texts will be selected from a list of major literary contest winners that the professor provides; the other is of the student-writer's own choosing. These selections are intended to inspire the student-writer's creativity. Starting in the fourth week, students will begin producing five pages or more pages of strong fiction so that by the end of the term, each writer will have written at least fifty solid pages of the first draft of a novella or novel. Writers should be prepared to write often, to discuss their work with others in the seminar, and to be open to critiques that are intended to help them create compelling fiction.


(Not offered Fall 2015.)