Course Detail


Regional Geology


Detailed exploration of the geology of a region of North America, including a field trip to the area during the entirety of Spring Break. Before the trip, the class will broadly examine the geology of the area, including landforms, surficial processes, crustal evolution, tectonic settling, and petrology. Students will choose a geologic subject that can be visited as part of the trip itinerary and present their project on location. Students will learn how interrelated processes in geology create the landscape that we view today.

Students entering before 2012: satisfies Non-lab Science distribution requirement.
Satisfies depth or breadth course requirement in the Natural Science Track of the Environmental Studies major or interdisciplinary minor.


Permission of the instructor is necessary in order to enroll in the course. Additionally, students are expected to have taken ENV 120, ENV 201, or ENV 230, though exceptions may be made.