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Buddhism as Philosophy


Buddhism is one of the world's major religions, but it is at the same time a philosophical system, one that has something to say about many of philosophy's central problems. These include questions about the existence and nature of the self, the fundamental structure of reality, the possibility of knowledge, and the moral life. In this course, we examine the Buddhist philosophical system, noting where there is debate within the Buddhist tradition, and at times pausing to compare Buddhist views with Western counterparts. Readings come from a variety of sources: contemporary and classical, Eastern and Western.

Satisfies a major requirement in Philosophy.
Satisfies a minor requirement in Philosophy.
Satisfies an interdisciplinary minor requirement in South Asian Studies.
Students entering 2012 and after: satisfies Philosophical and Religious Perspectives distribution requirement.
Students entering before 2012: satisfies religion and philosophy distribution requirement.
Satisfies the cultural diversity requirement.


(Not offerred 2015-16)