Course Detail


Sem in International Politics


Can citizens and consumers make a difference in politics and society? If so, how, and is citizen or consumer action more effective? This seminar explores these questions by investigating consumerism and citizenship in theoretical, historical and contemporary terms. Students examine these meanings in the context of different environmental arenas, including water pollution, air quality, and climate change, and complete a major research paper on the role of citizens and consumers in an environmental issue of their choice. The course compares different forms of citizenship and discusses the implications of political consumerism and the "inverted quarantine." Students also work collaboratively on a civic engagement project to explore how local organizations are engaging citizens and consumers in their work.

Satifies a major requirement and the seminar requirement in Political Science.
Satisfies a major, interdisciplinary minor and social science track requirement in Environmental Studies.
Satisfies the Social-Scientific Thought distribution requirement.


Offered every other year, in rotation with POL 452.