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The Sociology of Beatties Ford Road


There is an old tradition in sociology where scholars focus their energies on understanding the life and inner-workings of a section of one city.  The first of these kinds of works was W. E. B DuBois' investigation of Philadelphia's 7th Ward, which culminated in the publication of the seminal text The Philadelphia Negro.  Several decades later, Robert Park directed several studies of south-side Chicago neighborhoods that surround the University of Chicago.  The Sociology of Beatties Ford Road, which will be a collaborative effort with Johnson C. Smith University (JCSU), will follow in this tradition.  The class will be held on JCSU's campus, with JCSU students, and a JCSU faculty.  Our objectives will be to study various aspects of social life of that neighborhood, including, but not limited to, gentrification, public health, education, criminal justice, and slavery on Latta Plantation.  We will read various examples of community studies and study their methods, but, for the bulk of the class, we will work in groups to develop our own research projects.  At the end of the semester, there is an opportunity for a few students to participant in a 6 week DRI-like summer research program to continue their research.  



Permission of Instructor

To gain permission, please send the following information to the instructor:

Research Interest: In three or so sentences, tell me about a research interest you'd like to explore through this class.  And, in two sentences, tell me about your previous research experience. 

I will be in touch with you by October 31st to let you know if you I was able to accommodate your request. (Please keep in mind that there are only 15 slots.)