You can give to the college shares of appreciated stock, bonds, mutual funds, and other securities.  Whether you prefer to use a broker or a stock power, contact us first and our Planned Giving Office will assist you with the transfer.

Securities gifts are appropriate for:

  • The Fund for Davidson contributions
  • Capital gifts (supporting projects like the academic neighborhood)
  • Endowment gifts (such as library book funds and scholarships)
  • Contributions to a life income plan

When you donate securities instead of cash, you do not pay any capital gains tax on the appreciation in the securities and you receive a deduction for their full market value on the date of your gift.

Contact Us First

If you are interested in making a securities gift, please contact Gray Dyer '96 in the Planned Giving Office at or 704-894-2478, first. He or another member of the staff can provide the necessary information to make sure the transaction is handled to your specifications and satisfaction, and you receive proper credit and acknowledgment for it.

Planned giving staff will:

  • Advise you on the best method of transfer
  • Ensure that your gift is used as you designate (i.e. for the Living Endowment, the Athletic Foundation, or a capital project)
  • Make sure that your gift—and your tax deduction—is completed in the appropriate tax year (Note: call before December 1 for stock or bond certificates and mutual fund shares, or by December 15 if your stock is in a brokerage account and you intend to transfer it electronically)
  • Acknowledge your generosity in a timely manner

Using a Broker

It is almost always quicker and safer to make gifts of securities through a broker using electronic transfer than it is to send certificates and other documents by mail. Here's what to do:

  • Talk with your broker and find out what form of written authorization is necessary in order for the brokerage to release your securities.
  • Make sure your broker knows to transfer securities in kind, rather than selling the securities and sending Davidson the cash proceeds.
  • Contact Gray Dyer '96 in the Planned Giving Office at or 704-894-2478, for electronic transfer instructions, or have your broker do so.
If you have a brokerage account, you can deposit paper stock or bond certificates with your broker and direct him or her to contact us.

Using a Stock Power

If you don't have a broker you wish to use for your transaction, you can mail the unsigned certificates to Davidson, and in a separate envelope mail Davidson a stock power. Form stock powers are commonly available at your bank or brokerage, and can be mailed, faxed, or emailed to you by the Office of Planned Giving. The stock power document requires your signature, and must be guaranteed by a bank or brokerage house officer.

If you have a certificate for a larger number of shares than you wish to give, simply send the certificate you have, and indicate on the power the number of shares you are giving. We will return to you a new certificate for the balance, reissued in your name.

Giving Mutual Fund Shares

You can give shares in non-IRA mutual fund accounts, but it is generally not as straightforward as giving individual companies' stocks or bonds because there is no public market or clearinghouse for the majority of mutual funds' shares and transfer times and procedures vary widely from company to company.

To give mutual funds:

  • Davidson's Business Office usually must open an account with the mutual fund company and supply a variety of documents.
  • You, as the donor, must direct the mutual fund company in writing to transfer the share(s) to Davidson's newly established account.
  • Contact Gray Dyer '96 in the Planned Giving Office at or 704-894-2478, as early as possible and we'll work to comply promptly with your mutual fund company's particular transfer procedures.