Venture Lab

Students on tour of Packard Place
Davidson student entrepreneurs Joe Morrison '14 and Tori Mayernick '14 on a tour of the Davidson College Venture Lab.

For the Summer of 2016, the Davidson College Venture Lab (DC Venture Lab) is a collaborative program with Charlotte and Davidson-based startups, alumni and advisory entrepreneurial mentors, and the European Innovation Academy (EIA), an organization that convenes 800+ college and university students for three weeks of extreme entrepreneurship education abroad.

The DC Venture Lab is a full-time, immersive program suited for all business models (both for-profit and nonprofit). Applications are now closed. 

For more information, please email the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative at or call 704-894-2202.

DC Venture Lab Benefits


A major strength of DC Venture Lab is co-location and community. Through EIA, students will be immersed in a startup ecosystem that supports sustainable growth and builds understanding of what is involved to take a minimum viable product to market. Alongside peers from research institutions and mentors from high-growth companies, Venture Lab participants will learn by doing and experience startup life outside of their comfort zones.


Alumni mentors and entrepreneurs will be assigned to each Venture Lab participant, support them in developing a growth plan, and check in regularly both during their time at a local startup, their time abroad, and their re-immersion to local culture and life upon return.


The Venture Lab prepares students to confidently become part of an entrepreneurial ecosystem, sowing seeds that allow them to build and lead Davidson's entrepreneurial community after their summer experience.


Students will participate in extreme entrepreneurship education that pushes them to finalize a working product or service, launch it to a global market and build a customer base of at least 1,000 users by program's end. Venture Lab participants will also pitch to a panel of venture capitalists and have a chance to acquire seed funding by Silicon Valley-based investors.


The DC Venture Lab is funded through the college's Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative. Students will be reconnected to additional sources of funding upon return to campus.


During the month of June, students will gain access to a co-working facility in Davidson with Wifi, conference rooms, plenty of white boards, and unlimited coffee. They will co-locate with participants from more than 63 countries.