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Submit Audio Clips for Moodle

Please send an email to with a list of the audio files you would like on electronic reserve.

Please include your name, the course title, and the course number.

For each item, you must:

  1. Ensure that the library owns the item you would like to stream through Moodle. The library will make a good faith effort to purchase the item; if it cannot, the faculty-owned original will be retained for as long as the digital version is available.
  2. Include the title of the item and its complete call number. Include the disc number (if applicable), the track number, and, if a partial track, the timing of the clip. 
    For example:  CD-1700 v. 5 disc 2, track 4, 0:00 - 1:23.
    (If the library does not own the item, you must provide a faculty-owned original.)
  3. Include any special titling preference. 
    For example:  "Listening Sample No. 1."
  4. Determine copyright compliance and confirm to the Library in writing that the item is in compliance with copyright law.
    Please note:  Davidson College, in consultation with the General Counsel, endorses the Music Library Association's "Statement on the Digital Transmission of Audio Reserves."

Please see Guidelines for Posting Materials in Moodle for additional course reserve policies.

Contact Us

Please contact us if you have questions or need help.

Little Library

Jeremy Martin

Jason Radcliffe (evening contact)

Music Library

Jon M. Hill



Lists are processed in the order received. At the beginning of the semester, allow a minimum of one week to process. Late lists may not be ready when classes begin.


All reserve items will be made available through Moodle.