Ordering Resources

Book & Video Orders

Faculty members may submit orders using our online request form.

Please remember that all orders must be prioritized using the following scale.

  1. Item is needed for a class during the current semester.
  2. Essential purchase for existing or new class and/or research. You expect high use into the future, including use by students. This would also be the way to indicate titles needed for reserve for next semester.
  3. Good title but not essential; you expect lower use. To be ordered if all of the #1 and #2 priorities for your department have been ordered.
  4. Might be nice to have. You expect little use by students. Would interlibrary loan suffice? We will order at the end of the fiscal year if departmental funds are available.

 Questions? Please contact Jean Coates, assistant director for access and acquisitions, at 704-894-2332.

Journals and Databases

To request a new journal subscription or enquire about getting a new database, please contact Susanna Boylston at 704-894-2494.

We'll be happy to gather information, negotiate prices, set up trials, and explore options with you.