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LAS Welcomes Professor Dylan Fitz

Prof. Dylan FitzLatin American Studies (LAS) is excited to welcome a new colleague come fall 2013. Prof. Dylan Fitz will join the Economics Department as an assistant professor and he will teach courses in LAS.

Prof. Fitz's research focuses on the diverse causes of poverty as well as the potential impacts and limitations of anti-poverty programs, including land reforms and conditional cash transfers. His interest in rural poverty began as an undergraduate, when he traveled to Brazil to study that country's innovative efforts to reduce hunger and provide assistance to family farms.

When traveling, he enjoys the opportunity to meet new people, and he is always on the lookout for pickup soccer games.  Students should watch for a Latin American economics course by Prof. Fitz in spring 2014.  He will also be teaching LAS 101 in spring 2014 along with Prof. Luis Peña.