European History

The AP European History course is being updated for the 2015-16 school year.

The changes, and how to meet the new challenges, will be presented during this institute. You will not be prepared for the new course without obtaining this information.

Let me take this opportunity to welcome everyone to an academic "battery charging" at the Davidson College AP Summer Institute. You are about to take the plunge into an exciting and rewarding academic experience in AP history. If you love history, and want to bring it to life for both you and your students this is the place to be. Here you will learn new techniques of instruction, be exposed to exciting new materials and technology, and finally return home armed with enough plans and materials to carry you through to the exam next spring. As a teacher, taking on an AP class can be a daunting experience.

This one week course will answer your questions, provide you with professional connections and a lifeline to make the upcoming year easier to get through. You will also learn about career options that will open up for you as you become part of the many teachers who successfully prepare their students for the annual AP exam. What you will learn during this one week in June will make both you and your entire department more effective in meeting the needs of your student. Please bring your textbook, if you have selected one, and a notebook. Handouts will be given on a flash drive so participants should bring a laptop if at all possible. Your seat has been reserved, welcome aboard.

Topics of Instruction

  1. What is AP European History
  2. What are the changes for the NEW AP European History Course beginning in 2015
  3. Materials necessary to construct a successful course
    • How to use primary sources to enhance understanding
  4. Additional course readings
  5. Managing course content
  6. How to prepare lessons
    • What am I going to teach today
    • Models of successful lesson plans will be distributed and discussed
    • A new (an effective) way to teach history
  7. Writing for AP European History
    • The two unique essay formats for AP European History will be explained:
      • The Document Based Question-Included will be sessions on how to teach the skill and how to scores student responses
      • The Free Response Questions-Included will be sessions on using rubrics to score and teach the FRQ
    • Class Assessments (how to manage them)
  8. Using technology in the classroom
    • The AP European Community, websites, teaching tools, and time savers
  9. Reviewing for the National Exam

Davidson College's Summer AP European History program is designed to prepare instructors to successfully prepare their students for the National Examination in May of 2015. Participants should plan to bring copies of their textbooks, if they have one selected. However, we will discuss and evaluate available texts for this course as part of the instruction. Additionally, handouts will be given on a flash drive so participants should bring a laptop if at all possible. There will be approximately two hours of homework expected of participants during the week.