Nita Ganguly

Prof. Nivedita (Nita) Ganguly, chairperson of the Science Department at Oak Ridge High School, taught Biology I (Honors), Human Genetics and AP Environmental Science since its inception at Oak Ridge High School. She was a member of the AP Environmental Science Development Committee (1999-2003), has been a reader, and presently is a table reader for the AP exam readings. She also is a member of the Curriculum Development and Assessment Committee which is working on the revision of the AP Environmental Science course. Nita has been a College Board consultant for 12 years and conducts day-long workshops in AP Environmental Science, pre-AP Strategies in Science: Learner Centered classrooms, and in AP Vertical Teams in Science. She also conducts Summer Institutes both nationally and internationally.

Nita was an author for both editions of the AP Vertical Teams Guide. She has been recognized for her contribution to science education and the AP program, and received the Siemens Advanced Placement Recognition Award and the Presidential Award for the teaching of Environmental Science, as well as designation as a national leader for the training of AP consultants.

She holds a B.S. in zoology (major), chemistry and physiology (minor), a M.S. in gytogenetics, and a Ph.D in genetics. She also holds an M.S. in curriculum and instruction.