Physics 1

This workshop is designed for both beginning and experienced AP physics teachers. The redesigned Physics 1 course places emphasis on inquiry and conceptual reasoning skills. 

After attending this workshop, participants will be able to apply concrete strategies for designing and implementing an effective AP Physics 1 curriculum in topics covering Newtonian mechanics (including rotational motion), mechanical waves and sound, and introductory simple circuits. 

The workshop will enable teachers to develop activities, assessments, and laboratory strategies that engage students in acting and thinking like scientists.  Examples of the revised exam and student responses will be reviewed to identify strategies to effectively prepare students for the AP Physics 1 exam.

AP Physics 1 APSI Topics

I.  The Physics 1 Curriculum Framework

II.  AP Physics 1 Exam Analysis:  Multiple Choice and Free Response

III.  Student-Centered Activities

IV.  Laboratory Activities and Resources

V.  Selected Topics in Physics 1

VI. Curriculum Planning for AP Physics 1

VII.  Excellence, Equity, and Student Access