Chemistry – Tentative Syllabus


Introductions / Discussion of Itinerary & Objectives / Material on the CD

Discussion: objectives of the workshop

Lab Safety Review / Review of use of Analytical Balances 

Locker inventory (check lab set-up) / Discussion of iron complex salt lab

Lab: Synthesis of iron complex crystal / drying crucibles & covers (Tab #3)
Discuss the "hydrate" part of the lab - options


Discussion: Kinetics (Tab #1) 

Input from teachers - successful strategies / labs / problem set

Discussion: Revisions to the AP Curriculum / Inquiry Labs
Discussion: Gaseous Equilibrium - LeChatelier's Principle (Tab #1)

LAB: Recrystallization of iron complex salt (Tab #3) 


Discussion: Gaseous Equilibrium - Sample Problems (Tab #1)

Lab: Molar Volume of a Gas (traditional method) - both versions
(organize groups to modify this lab into an inquiry lab)
Homework Assignment: Do the Kinetics Problem Set. (Tab #5)
Do the Gaseous Equilibrium Problem Set. (Tab #5)


Review of Kinetics / Gas Equilibrium Problem Sets

Lab: Collecting iron complex salt crystals (Tab #3)
Discuss the contents of the AP Packet (provided by ETS)

Discussion: Reaction Prediction - go through class notes (Tab #2)

Break[Gummy Bear Demo]

Discussion: Thermochem. / Thermodynamics [Demo - "Whoosh" Bottle]


Problem Set: Thermo. 
Lab: Heat of Reaction - micro (Tab #5)


Discussion: AP Exam (from a Reader's Perspective) 

Lab: "Charge" ion-exchange column (Tab #3)

Homework Assignment: Do the Solutions / Colligative Properties Problem Set. (Tab #5)
Do the Electron Configuration Problem Set. (Tab #5)


Lab: Collecting & weighing iron complex salt crystals (Tab #3)

Lab: Determining the Percent Hydrate of Green Crystal - 1st drying (Tab #3)

Discussion: Acid-Base Equilibrium - Part I (Tab #1)
- three theories, strong vs. weak acids & bases, pH, pOH, Kw, KA, KB


Discussion: Acid-Base Equilibrium - Part II
- indicators, salt hydrolysis, polyprotic acids 
Lab: Weigh Anhydrous Crystals - 1st time (Tab #3)

Go over sheet - "Tips of an AP Reader" (Tab#1)

Discussion of AP timetables / Labs to Do / Part A Prediction / Lab Prediction


Discussion: Acid-Base Equilibrium - Part III
- buffers, titrations & titration curves

Group Work - Acid-Base Problem Set


Lab: Determining the Percent Hydrate of Green Crystal - 2nd drying (Tab #3)

Lab: Determination of the Percentage of Potassium & Iron (Tab #3)
- collect titrant & run titration 

Lab: Weigh Anhydrous Crystals - 2nd time (Tab #3)


Discussion of Gas Laws Inquiry Lab

Lab: Inquiry - Rates of Reaction (Tab #4)

Lab: Determining the Percent Hydrate of Green Crystal - 3rd drying (Tab #3)


Lab: Weigh Anhydrous Crystals - 3rd time (Tab #3)

Discussion: Electrochemistry - Galvanic Cells vs. Electrolytic Cells & 
Electrolysis (Tab #1)


Lab: Determination of the Percentage of Oxalate in the Green Crystal (Tab #3)


Lab: Iodine clock reaction - (Tab #4) [Elephant Toothpaste Demo]

Homework Assignment: Do the Electrochemistry Problem Set.
Go to College Board website & look at "2013-2014 Curriculum Framework"


Discussion of New Curriculum Framework / New Syllabus

Discussion: Green Crystal Calculations (Tab #3) 

Discussion: Solubility rules & factors affecting solubility, molar solubility, Ksp


Discussion: Common-Ion Effect, pH, Qip vs Ksp 

Discussion: Selective precipitation / Qualitative analysis / Ksp & complexes
Ideas to Share / Reflection / Wrap up / Evaluation

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