U.S. Government & Politics

During the U.S. Government and Politics section you will

  • become familiar with the AP U.S. Government and Politics curriculum and exam structure
  • receive exams, lessons and supplementary materials
  • design lessons, exams and strategies to build student success
  • learn AP U.S. government content
  • practice integrating technology into the AP U.S. Government curriculum

During our seminar we will cover

  • Goals
  • Concerns, expectations, questions
  • AP philosophy
  • AP exam structure
  • National AP statistics
  • Student selection
  • Curriculum content, content, content
  • Methodology
  • Syllabus
  • 2011 Free Response Review
  • 2009 multiple choice exam review
  • AP Free Response Exam Workshop
  • AP Multiple Choice Exam Workshop
  • Model lessons
  • Journal reviews
  • Outside readings
  • Textbook selection
  • Building critical thinking
  • Supplementary materials and programs
  • Technology, technology, technology
  • Connections to AP Comparative Politics
  • Beyond AP
  • Engaging student citizens

Please bring the following

  • Your schedule (for 2013-2014 – if you have it)
  • Your textbook (if you have it. AP textbooks will be provided)

I look forward to meeting you soon. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at milnerj@uncsa.edu.

Jason Milner