U.S. History Session 2

The 2014 AP U.S. History Summer Institute at Davidson will focus on developing strategies to facilitate student success in the newly revised AP U.S. History course and exam. While many of those strategies remain the same as in previous years, particular emphasis will be placed on mastering the seven new themes around which the course is built, intense examination of the historical thinking skills emphasized in the redesign, and a thorough study of the curricular framework as an outline for the redesigned course.

Significant changes in the structure and scoring of redesigned essays and DBQs necessitate a new mindset on the part of AP U.S. History teachers and, to some degree, a discarding of traditional ways of looking at the DBQ and free response sections of the exam. As well, significant changes to the multiple choice section will be examined in depth as the redesigned exam moves to stimulus based questions. Please come with an open mind, willing to share ideas, and make use of different instructional strategies.