Corporate Credit Cards

Business Expenses Only

Only Davidson College business expenses may be charged to your corporate card. Personal charges are not allowed and could result in termination of your corporate card.

Cash Advances

Cash advances on your corporate card are not allowed.


When preparing a corporate credit card payment request form, a meaningful explanation of the business purpose of each expense must be included. For meals and travel, the explanation shall also include a list of any additional persons included in such expenses. Receipts for all charges in excess of $25 should be included with the payment request form. To help ensure that receipts remain attached to the payment request form, and may be easily scanned for online access, please tape them to a piece of 8.5 x 11 paper in the order the charges appear on the statement. In the event that a receipt is missing or lost, the missing receipt affidavit at the bottom of the form must be signed. Our supporting documents section includes more information.

Sales Tax Documentation

The college is eligible for sales tax refunds on purchases made in the state of North Carolina when a detailed receipt is available that indicates the cost and tax paid. Therefore, employees shall provide as much documentation as available. For all food purchases, employees shall submit an itemized printout detailing each purchased item. Please include the breakout of North Carolina sales tax on the corporate credit card payment request form.

Payment Request Submission and Required Approvals

Charges shall be paid in full each month. You should submit payment requests to our accounts payable staff assistant by the end of the month, but no later than the due date. The employee must obtain written approval from his/her direct supervisor or department head prior to submitting the credit card bill for payment. In the event an employee is on an extended travel schedule, the employee shall make arrangements with his or her supervisor or department head for all bills to be paid on time during the employee's leave.

For employees approving credit card payment requests, your approval indicates that you have reviewed each charge to confirm the business purpose and to ensure that proper documentation (including names of other individuals involved in meals and/or travel) is included.

Payment request forms not received for two (2) consecutive months will result in termination of the corporate card. Employees whose cards have been terminated due to nonpayment will have to incur college expenses personally and then submit for reimbursement through Accounts Payable.

Disputed Charges

Please follow the guidelines on the back of your statement if you need to dispute any charges.

Lost/Stolen Cards

Call customer service at 877-543-4453 as soon as you discover your card has been lost or stolen.

Denial of Charges on the Corporate Credit Card

Please call customer service at 877-543-4453.

Credit Limit Increases

Requests for a permanent or temporary credit limit increase for a cardholder must be approved in writing by your supervisor or department head, and may be sent via email to our controller/director of Business Services or the assistant to the controller for processing.

Ending Employment

If you leave employment, you must return your credit card to the assistant to the controller in the Business Services office by your last working day.