To ensure that all vendors are set up properly, we collect pertinent information on the new vendor request/substitute W-9 form. This form is applicable to both individuals and businesses. No checks will be issued until this form has been fully completed and returned to us.

Construction Vendors

We are required to pay North Carolina sales tax. Accordingly, all construction vendors must separately identify any sales tax paid on their invoices to the College. Omitting this information will result in a delay in payment.

Out-of-state Vendors

Payments for services (speakers, entertainers, etc.) rendered by most non-North Carolina individuals and companies are subject to a four percent withholding under North Carolina law. This requirement is applicable to vendors who receive more than $1,500 from us in a calendar year. Please note that reimbursement for expenses is not subject to this withholding. Additional information about this withholding may be found at the NCDOR website.

Payment Inquiry

If you have a question regarding payment of your invoice, please email our accounts payable coordinator. When possible, include your Taxpayer ID and invoice number. If your question is about a check we issued to you, please provide the check number.

Payment Schedule

We process vendor invoices on a weekly basis, with direct deposit available on Friday and checks ready after 2 p.m. on Fridays. All invoices should be sent to the department that incurred the charge. That department will authorize the payment and submit the invoice to us for processing. Business Services cannot process invoices without approval from the appropriate department.

Direct Deposit

Our preference is to pay via direct deposit. Include your ACH/PPD information on the new vendor/substitute W-9 form so that we may pay you via electronic transfer rather than via check. If you are an existing vendor and wish to be paid via ACH, please contact our accounts payable coordinator.

Sales Tax

Although we are exempt from federal and state income taxes, we are required to pay North Carolina sales tax on all purchases. If you are a North Carolina vendor, you must charge us sales tax.

For additional information please contact our accounts payable coordinator at 704-894-2206.