Our Payroll Office administers the College's timekeeping application and processes paychecks, miscellaneous deductions, pay schedules, and more.

Web Time Entry (WTE)

Learn more about our electronic timesheet and leave reporting system.

Pay Schedule

Find the payroll schedules for hourly, salaried and student employees.

Paycheck Deductions

Read about mandatory deductions from wages, including federal and state income tax, Social Security contributions, Medicare, and more.


Download forms, including your NC-4, direct deposit form, and more.

Final Paycheck

If you are leaving employment, all voluntary and required deductions will be withheld from your final paycheck. You must pay all outstanding charges and billings in full.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update my direct deposit information?

Complete the direct deposit form and return along with a voided check to our payroll coordinator. Please note that this does not automatically update your banking information for CatCard charges; if you would like that updated as well, please send an email to our staff assistant.

Can my direct deposit be distributed to more than one account?

Yes, you can have your pay deposited in up to three savings and/or checking accounts.

When do we receive our W-2s?

Legally, we must mail the forms by January 31. However, we will post on Inside Davidson when W-2 forms are available.

How do I approve time in Banner Web Time Entry?

Follow these instructions on how to approve time for employees and students.