Additional Fees

Occasionally you may be required to pay additional student fees to cover expenses such as private music lessons or health insurance. The fees include:

Applied Music Fee

The hour-per-week applied instruction for majors in our Music Department is covered in the usual fee, but there are separate charges for additional instruction or for private lessons for those who are not music majors.

Fees per semester for individual instruction in voice, piano, organ, guitar, or orchestral instruments are:

  • One-hour lesson per week for $770
  • One half-hour lesson per week for $412

The charge for use of the practice facilities is $40. It is billed in the fall and covers both the fall and spring semesters.

Lesson and class fees will not be refunded if you drop after the second week of instruction.

Student Accident & Sickness Insurance

You are automatically enrolled in our student health insurance plan. A premium of $1,690 for coverage from August 9, 2016, to August 8, 2017, is charged to your account. If you are studying abroad, you are not charged for health insurance.

If you are covered by comparable insurance, you may be exempted from our program by submitting an online waiver verifying adequate coverage. The waiver must be completed and submitted no later than August 1, 2016, since we must pay for the premiums in August. If you have been charged for insurance and have provided the waiver information, your account will be credited $1,690.

Tuition Refund Insurance

The college offers tuition-refund insurance through AWG Dewar, Inc. A charge for this tuition-refund insurance will be included on the fall tuition bill. Students who wish to decline this coverage may complete an online waiver. Detailed information may be obtained by calling 617-774-1555 or online on the AWG Dewar, Inc. website.

Enrollment Deposit

You are required to make a $1,000 deposit prior to enrollment. As per your acceptance letter, one-half ($500) of your enrollment deposit is applied to your first tuition bill. The second-half ($500) is maintained in a holding account while you are enrolled. Upon your graduation, the held deposit is refunded-minus any fees and fines. You must maintain the $500 enrollment deposit balance in order to be granted on-leave status.

Study Abroad Administrative Fee

If you are studying abroad on a non-Davidson program for a semester or year, you will be charged a non-refundable $350 administrative fee. This amount is billed to your account when the leave request form is submitted to the Registrar and Business Services.