Recruit Electronically

Online resources provide an excellent platform for employers and students to connect. If you would like to share job or internship opportunities with Davidson students electronically, please consider using one or more of the following websites:


Best site for recruiting current Davidson students for full-time or internship positions.  Set up an account for your company, post positions, receive applicant resumes and cover letters and interact with recruiting schedules to select candidates for on-campus interviews. It is easy and free with WildcatLink. If you are new to working with us, please take a minute to review our policies for posting jobs and internships.

Contact Brenda Harvey if you have questions or trouble with the system.


Looking for more experienced candidates for an immediate hire? Davidson alumni form a tight network worldwide, which makes their LinkedIn group a great place to advertise positions specifically to them. We can post your positions on the site in Davidson groups for free.  

Contact Brenda Harvey with a job description to get started. 

Nationwide Internship Consortium (NIC)

We are happy to add internship postings to this group that includes Davidson and 18 other highly selective liberal arts schools. Any internship posted in WildcatLink is eligible to be added to NIC.  

Contact Associate Director for Employer Relations Jeff Kniple at 704-894-2491 to ask about this possibility.